How We Work

Here’s how you can get started finding your perfect property.

Step 1:  Call us today at (413) 789-3720  to get started.

When you are looking for the perfect place for your business, there’s no substitute for years of experience.  The first step in our process is simple:  we’ll ask you questions.  We want to know the critical elements that support your success when it comes to a new location.  You have some specialty needs and thoughts about your own growth plan.  Once we get a good sense of what you’re looking to do, we’ll take a bit of time to gather our thoughts and put together a proposal for you to consider. 

Step 2:  We’ll share our thoughts and options with you.

Really gaining clarity on what you’re trying to accomplish usually happens during this step.  We’ve heard you and now it’s time to refine those ideas into an action plan. 

Step 3:  Next, we’ll go out and show you our matches to your needs. 

We work with you through the process of finding the perfect location, build-to-suit or an immediate occupancy.  Whatever makes sense for you, we will help you accomplish your goals.